Why We Need to Hire More Veterans

Veterans Day has just passed last weekend. However, I just found this article and want to share it. Being a veteran myself, I can totally relate to the article. I was an officer in the USAF for 11 years. I believe the culture in all services is similar – depending on the mission and location. For me, two ideas stand out in the article.

One – civilian hiring managers are not familiar with the military rank structure, goals and objectives. So achievement in the military may not be recognized or appreciated by a civilian hiring manager. There is no fault here – just a matter of education as mentioned in the article.

Two – the Admiral is right that other countries can “copy” our weapons systems. But the culture of support, caring, team work, get it done, etc, can’t. This is a culture that is valuable to not only corporate America, but to our communities as well.

A good leader – whether corporate or military, knows how to lead thru compassion, understanding each person, building team work, taking responsibility for the end result, and above all, be willing to do any job he or she is asking someone else to do; To understand that each person plays a part in the final result; To understand that each job has importance to the final result.

I too had some difficulty transitioning to a civilian job after 11 years in the USAF. I figured it out, but some of our veterans need more assistance. Please keep this in mind if you receive a resume from a veteran. Hire us, train us, support us and you’ll have a fantastic, loyal team member.

Andria Allen Capt, USAF


We Need to Hire More Veterans – Here’s Why

Source: LinkedIn

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity through the Navy’s Distinguished Visitors Program to visit the USS John C. Stennis, a 5,500-person aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. (They didn’t disclose the location to me.) I was invited because the Navy wants to showcase its impressive culture and operations to influencers — people who can pass on the message and build the brand of the Navy to everyone from potential recruits to key constituents for the Navy’s interests.

Anyone who grew up watching “Top Gun” has at one point dreamed of being Maverick, so naturally I took the opportunity to board a C-2A “Cod,” get my face rearranged at (what felt like) lightning speed and land aboard what is essentially a floating city.

But I got much more than I bargained for once I got there...Read More


More Properties Are Equity-Rich Than Ever Before

We all know the local real estate market has appreciated A LOT over the last 2-3 years. Home appreciation goes a long ways to increasing our equity in the home. Another way to increase equity is to pay down the mortgage. In the past, during the economic downturn, millions were plagued with homes that were not worth what they paid for them. My husband and I were one of those with a rental property in Arizona. The rent did not cover the mortgage, even with a substantial down payment. That negative cash flow each month is not what we intended with an investment property. So, I said, “Let’s sell it”. Wrong. The home’s market value was $60,000 less than we had paid for it. So, we had to find a way to cover this difference between the mortgage and the rent received each month until the home either appreciated enough and we could sell it, or we could raise the rent enough to cover the mortgage. I know many people found themselves in the same situation with investment properties and primary residences. Fortunately for us, the home has now appreciated to much more than we paid for it. And, we were in a position to be able to handle the negative cash flow at the time.

It’s good news (see below) that this trend has begun to correct itself. Of course, in areas of economic growth, this is more likely to be the case.

I’m happy to say, living in Boulder County, that our primary residence has appreciated quite a bit. However, I’m also happy to say, we just paid off the mortgage!! Yeah! This feels like true financial freedom. The extra cash flow each month will be used wisely to expand our retirement portfolio. Paying off a home is a huge milestone for all homeowners.

Call me if you are interested in the market value of your home.

~Andria Allen


More Properties Are Equity-Rich Than Ever Before

Source: Inman

The number of American properties that are equity-rich has reached an-all time high of 14.5 million, or according to new third quarter 2018 data from property data tracking firm Attom Data Solutions.

An equity-rich property is defined as one where the combined estimated amount of loans secured is 50 percent or less of the property’s market worth…Read More


Will Garages Become Extinct?

Hmmm, no garage? I see so many folks who do have a garage and don’t put their car inside as they have other toys and stuff stored there. I know we can expect a lot of changes in transportation options now and in the near future. But, I still like my garage, even if it isn’t for my car. What do you think?

~Andria Allen

The technology to power driverless vehicles is already here, and greater tests of autonomous vehicles are already hitting the roadways. And as autonomous vehicles are spread around and the popularity of car-share programs rise, housing analysts are already calling on the death of the garage in residential homes…Read More

Selling Tips, Fall Things to Do, and More

Hi everyone,

I thought you might enjoy a variety of articles for this post, so check out the links below.

~Andria Allen


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How is the Local Real Estate Market?

How is the local real estate market? The article below provides great information about the areas surrounding Boulder County. I personally believe the surrounding areas are increasing in activity and price due to the fact that the average home price in Boulder County makes it unattainable for many Buyers. We have seen the average home price continue to increase in Boulder County. This trend is contributing to the hike in the surrounding areas as well. If you are interested in finding out the market value of your home, give me a call.

~Andria Allen


Wellington, Berthoud and Johnstown see double-digit home price hikes

Source: Coloradoan.

Home prices throughout Northern Colorado continue to escalate, with some towns seeing double-digit price hikes.

Overall, Northern Colorado’s median home price in August was $425,000, up nearly 15 percent year over year, and $292,000 for townhomes and condos, up 19 percent.

Fort Collins’ median home prices hit $420,000 after the first eight months of the year, another record high in the city which had 1,607 closed sales through August, a slight drop from a year ago…Read More

Kind Words from Brian & Barbara

Brian and Barbara, thank you for your kind words. It was an honor and a pleasure to assist you with the sale of your lovely home.

“Our family home of 35+ years was designed by our father and construction overseen by our mother. It was time to sell and Andria was extremely sensitive to the deep sentiment that was attached to this property. She kept us informed throughout the entire process. The marketing of the property was second to none. The house was under contract within four days of going on the market. Passing of papers went without a hitch. I can’t say enough kind words about Andria and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent in the Boulder and tri-city areas. Brian & Barbara”

The Fifth Wall of Your Home

One of the things I really enjoy about viewing homes, especially remodels or new construction, is finding out “what’s in, and what’s not.” I love this article about the 5th wall. Most of us ignore the ceilings in our home, except to paint them a basic, neutral color. Check out some of these examples! What fun! I love these ideas. You can update a room with some of these simple changes.

~Andria Allen


Stunning Ceilings: The Latest Eye Candy for the Fifth Wall

Source: REALTOR® Magazine

Ceilings are too often the plain Jane element of a listing, but this element your listing’s structure can assume a starring role and transform a space with minimal effort and expense. Learn about your clients’ options, from millwork to lighting, different shapes, paint, and even wallpaper.

Ceilings have long reflected architectural, economic, and other influences of the day. In early American homes, low ceilings were favored to keep spaces warm, even if they made them feel a bit claustrophobic. During the Victorian era, high ceilings—at least nine feet high and often higher—were embellished, integrating handcrafted cast-plaster ornaments, stencilling, and other decorative treatments…Read More