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5 Best Restaurants in Longmont, CO!

Article by Christina Miroyan of WK Real Estate

Whether you’re heading to Longmont, Colorado to visit or you’re local to the city, let us be your guide to the best restaurants worth trying. Longmont is filled with many great food choices, so we’ve simplified the decision process and picked the five best stops for you. These are some of the most well known and praise worthy restaurants in Longmont, qualifying them as must-stop spots for all your eating (and drinking) needs!

Rosalee’s Pizzeria

Rosalee’s Pizzeria is a well known restaurant specializing in classic and delicious East Coast style pizza. You can’t go wrong with any menu choice here. This pizzeria  takes pride in their community environment and high quality ingredients. With selections ranging from a traditional cheese pizza to a specialty bacon and ricotta, there’s a pie for everyone here.

Mike O’ Shay’s

This restaurant has been a Longmont favorite for over 34 years, making it the “longest running independently owned restaurant” in the city! Although about to undergo a change in management, this is still one of our faves with a wide range of menu items and specialty drinks.  You’ll be able to find many appetizing things worth trying and visitors are bound to find themselves wanting to come back for more.

Jefes Tacos and Tequila 

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food with a modern twist, make your way over to Jefes Tacos and Tequila. Experience favorites such as bacon wrapped jalapenos and street tacos, along with tasty cocktail pairings. With an upbeat environment and flavorful food, this is a place you have to try!

Martini’s bistro

Featuring a gourmet American cuisine, Martini’s Bistro offers a mouthwatering menu and pleasant dining environment. Differing from the rest, this restaurant has been established in an old home, providing a delightful indoor atmosphere along with charming patio seating. Find yourself satisfied with any selection on the menu at this savory eatery.

Pumphouse Brewery 

This is an iconic Longmont destination, as the restaurant resembles an old fire station. This themed restaurant is home to a wide variety of brews and an enticing food selection. Pumphouse Brewery is best known for its many choices of both year-round and seasonal beers – all delights you can’t find outside of the restaurant.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Longmont, Colorado

Whether you’re visiting or living in Longmont, Colorado, there are so many great things to do and see throughout your day. In this city you will be able to take in some of Colorado’s most attractive scenery, experience incredible dining at various local restaurants, and get a taste of the outdoor activities that draw people to our wonderful state. Follow this 24 hour guide to Longmont and you’re sure to have one incredible day!

7 A.M. |  Grab a Delicious Breakfast at Lucile’s Creole Cafe

If you’re a breakfast person, Lucile’s Creole Cafe is definitely the ultimate place to start out your day. Straying away from a traditional breakfast menu, this morning dining spot is tailored around authentic Creole cooking, a blended cuisine that originated in Louisiana. At this Longmont favorite, you’ll be able to find your preferred breakfast staples with a unique twist that you’ll definitely want to test out. With items ranging from a Creole style omelet to New Orleans style french toast, everyone is sure to leave both full and satisfied.


9 A.M.  |  Play 18 Holes at Ute Creek Golf Course

Ute Creek Golf Course is one of the best places to spend a morning outdoors. This course has a beautiful mountain backdrop behind every hole, lending an air of magnificence to every game.  The 18-hole course has a wide variety of  layouts and accommodates a variety of experience levels, providing an entertaining morning activity for anyone.

Ute Creek

12 P.M. |  Get a Taste of Local American Dining at the Roost

After an active morning playing golf, get excited for a delicious lunch at The Roost, a craft casual American restaurant in the heart of downtown. With a comfortable atmosphere and a mouthwatering menu anyone is sure to love, satisfy all your afternoon dining needs here. In addition to being a delicious and fun place to eat, The Roost also donates 10% of all profits to help fund adoptions, a cause the owners are very passionate about with two adopted children of their own. This is a Longmont staple you definitely need to try!


1 P.M. |  Get Outdoors and Discover Longmont’s Union Reservoir

Partake in some of Longmont’s best outdoor activities by spending your afternoon at the Union Reservoir. This 736 acre body of water provides many recreational activities for the enjoyment of those in the community. Take a walk around the lake, bike ride, rent paddle boards or kayaks, play tennis at the park, or sit and take in the surrounding scenery. This is an area loved by all locals because of its beautiful atmosphere and fun options.


4 P.M. |  Afternoon Shopping on Main Street

Another fun and relaxing way to spend your afternoon is strolling down Main Street, Longmont’s downtown scene. Home to many local businesses and restaurants, there are plenty of places worth exploring. Stop into Ziggy’s Coffee for a quick cup of joe, drop by Crackpots to paint a piece of pottery, or sit in Used Book Emporium to spend an afternoon reading in this well-known shop.


7 P.M. | Get Dinner at Caprese Trattoria

After your main street stroll, drive on over to Longmont’s Caprese Trattoria for dinner. You’re guaranteed to leave happy and full after this authentic Italian dining experience. All items are prepared by an internationally acclaimed chef, and on the menu you will find a wide range of traditional antipasti and pasta dishes, along with the inclusion of their home-made mozzarella. This dining spot also offers a full bar to complement your culinary tastes, along with patio seating and great outdoor views.


9 P.M. | Grab a Beer at Oskar Blues Brewery

Visit this Longmont staple and take in the exciting atmosphere while tasting some of the city’s best brews. AtOskar Blues you will discover an extensive list of unique craft beers, all canned and ready to be enjoyed in the company of others. On the weekends you can find live music and a lively crowd, always keeping you excited to come back. This brewery is known by everyone in Longmont, making it the perfect evening destination.


24 Hours in Longmont Not Enough?

For those looking to make Longmont their permanent home, this is a wonderful community with a family friendly feel.  Search available properties here.

Article by Christina Miroyan of WK Real Estate.

WK Real Estate Wins 2017 Boulder County Gold


We’re excited to announce that WK Real Estate has been voted Boulder County Gold winner for the 17th year in a row! We’re happy to serve our amazing clients everyday and are thankful for the recognition as Boulder’s Best Real Estate Company and for having the Best Customer Service.

8 Home Projects with a High ROI

With warmer weather and longer days, summer is the ideal time of year to take on a project in or around your home. Many contractors and other pros often find this time of year a little slower, as many homeowners are waiting until fall to tackle big interior projects, which means that you’ll have an easier time finding the right person for the job.

These eight projects are designed to add value to your home, without breaking the bank at the same time. Tackling them now will make your home more comfortable for the coming months, while ensuring that you can get maximum ROI when the time comes to sell.

1. Fix Window Leaks

Air gap around your windows could be driving your air conditioning bill up higher than it needs to be this summer. Old or leaking windows can cause you to lose as much as 20% of the energy you use to heat and cool your home, which can also make it less comfortable as well.

There are two ways to fix window leaks: installing new replacement windows, or installing weatherstripping around your existing windows. While both will help you save money on your energy bills, replacement windows will also help you recoup about 73.9% ROI at time of resale.

Cost: Weatherstripping your windows costs around $168 on average, while replacement windows cost between $650 and $1,500.

Money Saving Tips: Get an energy audit done on your home before you start replacing windows. You may find that only a few need to be replaced, while the rest can be caulked or weatherstripped to save.

2. Basement Remodel

Remodeling your basement is a great way to increase your existing living space, without the hassle or expense of a major addition. Basements are often cooler in the hot summer months than the rest of the home, so remodeling can help you gain more usable living areas during this time of year. A basement remodel featuring things like waterproofing or french drain installations can also recoup you about 70% at time of resale.

Cost: A full basement remodel including a new bathroom can cost around $50,000. However, waterproofing costs around $5,000, while installing a new set of stairs costs around $1,000 to $2,000.

Money Saving Tips: Simply waterproofing your basement will help make the area livable, allowing you to simply paint the concrete walls and floors, and begin furnishing the room for less.

3. Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are among the most frequently used rooms in the home. During the humid summer months, older bathrooms can often become home to things like mold and mildew, which makes now the best time to start remodeling. A bathroom remodel, including all new fixtures, shower, and ceramic tile can recoup you around 64.8% at time of resale, while making your home healthier and more functional at the same time.

Cost: A full scale bathroom remodel costs around $18,000. However, there are many components that can be done for less, such as installing a new bathroom fan to help dry out the room for $350 – $400 or putting in a new mirror for $120 – $150.

Money Saving Tips: Cosmetic updates to an otherwise functional bathroom can save you a lot of money. Simply painting the walls or replacing the sink and faucet can give your bathroom a facelift for less.

4. Add Attic Insulation

Another way to help lower energy costs this summer is to add some insulation to your attic. Most homes are underinsulated, particularly in this area, which can contribute to higher energy costs. Insulating your attic will make your home more comfortable, while saving you money on your AC bill this summer. Best of all, attic insulation recoups a whopping 107% at time of resale.

Cost: The cost to insulate an attic is around $400 for fiberglass insulation.

Money Saving Tips: Purchase the highest R-value you can find for your climate, and you’ll save even more on your energy bills year round.

5. Build a New Deck

Enjoy more time spent outdoors this summer on a new wood deck. Decks increase your usable outdoor space, make entertaining easier, and have a rate of return at around 71.5%. Start this project early in the summer to make the most of your new space before fall.

Cost: The average cost to build a new deck is around $10,630.

Money Saving Tips: If you have an existing deck, consider having it repaired, rather than replacing it. Often pressure washing and staining a deck, while replacing some of the boards can help extend its life.

6. Replace Your Roof 

After a long winter filled with ice dams, your roof may be in poor condition and in need of replacement. Don’t wait until summer storms send water pouring in through your ceiling; have your roof taken care of at the start of the season to ensure that it’s in good condition for the rain to come. A new roof will help you recoup about 68.8% at time of resale as well.

Cost: The average cost of a roof replacement is around $6,000.

Money Saving Tips: If the majority of your roof is in good condition, you may want to opt for a partial replacement or roof repair to save money.

7. Replace Your Siding 

Siding is just as important as your roof when it comes to both protecting your home from the elements, and to giving it its curb appeal. The nicer weather of the summer makes this the ideal time of year to take care of this important project. Replacing your siding can recoup you as much as 76.4% at time of resale. Replacing your siding can also help you take care of other issues such as rotting fascia, and can improve the appearance of your home at the same time.

Cost: The average cost of replacing your siding is around $7,510 for vinyl siding.

Money Saving Tips: If your siding is in decent condition, consider making repairs to those areas that require it, and painting the entire exterior to give it a fresh look for less.

8. Universal Bathroom Design 

Universal design is one of the newest trends that’s recouping costs in a big way. In many cases, universal design costs less than a complete bathroom remodel, but can make your home easier to sell because it appeals to a wider group of people. Take on the project this summer when plumbers aren’t as busy to get the job done faster. This type of project also recoups about 68.4% at time of resale.

Cost: The average cost of universal bathroom design is around $9,000.

Money Saving Tips: Many things in a universal bathroom can be installed DIY for less, including lever handles on faucets and a universal height toilet.

To find out more about projects you can tackle around your home, be sure to visit the Cost Guides.

Should Sellers Get a Home Inspection?

By Lynnette Bruno, Trulia Real Estate and Lifestyle Expert

If there’s any doubt about the condition of your house, double down and pay for a professional opinion.

It’s easy to grow attached to your home and overlook some of the wear and tear. But while those familiar flaws may feel like home to you, they might not be to potential buyers. After all, if someone is making such a large investment to buy your home, they want to make sure it’s a good product.

If you plan to put your house on the market, consider getting a professional prelisting home inspection done or including a recent inspection report in your home’s disclosure documents. I did the latter when I sold my home, and it helped me get ahead of buyer demands during escrow—the 30-day period before closing when buyers can ask the seller to make small fixes or provide a credit to fix it later.

Seven Reasons To Get a Home Inspection Before Listing Your House

1. It could save you money.

It can seem daunting to make repairs before you list your home, but it can save you in the long run.

If issues show up in the buyer’s inspection report, the buyer will likely ask for a price reduction, a credit, or have you make the fix yourself. Depending on the severity of the issues and the buyer’s willingness to negotiate, it can sink the original offer amount.

2. It could lead to a faster close.

Getting your house in the best shape possible should help speed up the sale process. If you proactively make the necessary repairs, there is less likelihood to be stuck in a long negotiation process.

3. It can give you a competitive edge.

A prelisting home inspection can signal to potential buyers that you’ve done the due diligence on their future home. It can give potential buyers confidence in you as an honest seller and in the quality of the home you are selling.

It can also be a useful tool in the negotiation process. A potential buyer will have less merit to claim a price reduction for repairs if you’ve made the necessary fixes ahead of time.

4. Definitely fix the deal breakers.

If you do have a prelisting home inspection, what issues should you seriously consider fixing? There are a few problems that may show up on your list that are deal breakers to most buyers, and they’re often time consuming, expensive, and can cause a buyer to pull out of their offer.

Although it can vary from market to market, these are some of the top deal breakers. Brace yourself:

  • Foundation issues
  • Mold
  • Outdated electrical system
  • Water damage
  • Roof problems
  • Rotted fascia or trim
  • Leaky pipes/dated plumbing

Note: If you’ve made additions to your home, make sure you pull the permits to show they were completed legally.

5. What should you do if you can’t fix the major problems?

If you can’t afford to make those major improvements, you can still spruce up the house before you list it. We asked HGTV’s Chip Wade, home improvement guru and Liberty Mutual’s “New Beginnings” expert, to share some of his DIY tips:

  • Install sconce lighting or a decorative arbor on street-facing garage doors.
  • Power wash the driveway, vinyl siding, the front walkway, deck mildew, and patio furniture.
  • Dust talcum powder between seams of creaky floorboards to quiet them.

6. Is there a downside to a prelisting home inspection?

While there are many upsides to getting a prelisting home inspection, some experts don’t like the idea.

Some pros feel that instead of wasting time and money upfront, a seller should wait for the results of the home inspection and add repairs to the closing cost. While this is an option, you may be hit with a surprise that causes your sale to fall through.

However, if you’ve recently had a professional inspection and no major issues have arisen since, you could skip having another inspection done. Just be sure to include that inspection report into your home’s disclosure documents.

7. Bottom line: Prelisting home inspections are often a good idea.

Waiting for the buyer to work through an independent home inspection could cause the deal to fall through. Even if you offer to fix a problem that arises on the buyer’s inspection report, skittish buyers may be hesitant to close the deal.

The prelisting home inspection can put a nervous seller at ease and give you a better chance for a fast and easy close. (And in case you were wondering, a home inspection is based on the square footage and can run upwards of $300.)

What Makes a Real Estate Company Great? WK Real Estate And Its Unbridled Enthusiasm For Real Estate

By L.L. Charles. Contributor Pam Metzger. Photos by WK Real Estate

Any serious endeavor requires commitment. Whatever your skill, you get great at it with a lot of practice. At WK Real Estate, everyone – from the leadership to the agents to the support staff – brings that commitment and expertise to work every day.

“It’s a common industry cliché that a Realtor® wakes up every day unemployed. And honestly, it’s true, there are never any guarantees in our business,” says Pam Metzger, Director of Corporate Services and Relocation. “But that’s okay with us, because each of us at WK Real Estate loves what we do. And the foundation of this is our sincere desire to help people and be of service to the communities where our clients, agents and employees live their lives. We love where we live, and we are passionate about doing everything possible to make sure that our clients do too.”

Metzger says that nothing is more rewarding than helping people navigate one of the biggest decisions of their lifetime, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it.

One facet of what makes WK Real Estate a great company is their unbridled enthusiasm for real estate. The most successful agents love the entire business of real estate. The longevity of the company and track record of agent retention is unwavering, no matter the state of the market and economy. “We live and breathe this business and the market around us,” Metzger says.

“Every real estate company claims that they provide great service, but exceptional customer service is about two things – knowledge and authenticity,” explains Mary Steele, WK Real Estate Executive Vice President. “After forty-one years as the largest independent real estate agency in Boulder County, it’s safe to say that our agents have the deepest real estate knowledge in the area. This includes impressive knowledge of the local community, real estate trends and data, and sales and negotiation.”

“WK associates and leadership have experienced the market during times of economic boom, decline and stability,” Steele says. “They understand the best strategies no matter what the market conditions. This expertise saves clients time and money and helps them achieve the best return on their investments.”

To read the full article, click here.