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Selling Tips, Fall Things to Do, and More

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5 Best Restaurants in Longmont, CO!

Article by Christina Miroyan of WK Real Estate

Whether you’re heading to Longmont, Colorado to visit or you’re local to the city, let us be your guide to the best restaurants worth trying. Longmont is filled with many great food choices, so we’ve simplified the decision process and picked the five best stops for you. These are some of the most well known and praise worthy restaurants in Longmont, qualifying them as must-stop spots for all your eating (and drinking) needs!

Rosalee’s Pizzeria

Rosalee’s Pizzeria is a well known restaurant specializing in classic and delicious East Coast style pizza. You can’t go wrong with any menu choice here. This pizzeria  takes pride in their community environment and high quality ingredients. With selections ranging from a traditional cheese pizza to a specialty bacon and ricotta, there’s a pie for everyone here.

Mike O’ Shay’s

This restaurant has been a Longmont favorite for over 34 years, making it the “longest running independently owned restaurant” in the city! Although about to undergo a change in management, this is still one of our faves with a wide range of menu items and specialty drinks.  You’ll be able to find many appetizing things worth trying and visitors are bound to find themselves wanting to come back for more.

Jefes Tacos and Tequila 

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food with a modern twist, make your way over to Jefes Tacos and Tequila. Experience favorites such as bacon wrapped jalapenos and street tacos, along with tasty cocktail pairings. With an upbeat environment and flavorful food, this is a place you have to try!

Martini’s bistro

Featuring a gourmet American cuisine, Martini’s Bistro offers a mouthwatering menu and pleasant dining environment. Differing from the rest, this restaurant has been established in an old home, providing a delightful indoor atmosphere along with charming patio seating. Find yourself satisfied with any selection on the menu at this savory eatery.

Pumphouse Brewery 

This is an iconic Longmont destination, as the restaurant resembles an old fire station. This themed restaurant is home to a wide variety of brews and an enticing food selection. Pumphouse Brewery is best known for its many choices of both year-round and seasonal beers – all delights you can’t find outside of the restaurant.