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Insights From California

Now that I’ve been “back in real life” for a couple of weeks, I have a few insights I’d like to share.

I feel the 5 weeks I spent in CA were so cathartic in so many ways. As adults, we have so few opportunities to really unplug from just about everything. Even a 2-week vacation, while refreshing, isn’t enough some times. I had a lovely little cottage to stay in, all by myself for about 5 weeks.  The La Cresta community, in the foothills outside Murrieta, CA, is idyllic. I had the Cleveland State Park 2 miles one direction from my front door, the 8,000-acre Santa Rosa Plateau the other direction 2 miles, and my horse another direction 2 miles. If I wasn’t at the stable riding or spending time with my horse, I was hiking or mountain biking in one of these locations.  La Cresta also has miles of dedicated equestrian trails that I walked on.

It took about 2 weeks to really unwind enough to enjoy my solitude and “nest” as I called it. I realized I had the time and desire to just sit, meditate or sit and think. What a luxury! It ‘s a time to really take stock of your life, goals, achievements, what brings you joy, etc. It was also a time to just immerse myself in one of my joys and passions – my riding. I don’t think I’ve had this lack of responsibility to others, my job, family, friends etc. since being on summer break as a kid.

While I absolutely loved this time, I also realized I missed my friends, my job, my routine etc. We need to know what we don’t like and want, to know what we do want and like. It’s then that we can direct our attention and energy to creating what we do want and like. Contrast, as such, is important.  It reinforces what is desired versus what isn’t.  Often times, I feel I get so caught up in doing, doing, doing, that I forget and don’t allow myself to just BE.  What a wonderful feeling it is.  To feel so confident, safe and joyful in the life you’ve created and continue to create is so empowering and yet brings such peace.  It allowed me to embrace my gratitude in humility and joy.

Now my goal is to be able to find that quiet, peaceful, confident place amidst all the chaos of “real life”.  So far, so good.  I find myself getting caught up in day to day events but am finding time to reflect and re-center myself.  I’ll keep you posted.


California Adventures

Well, we’ve been here almost a week now and I think both Armani and I have settled in quite nicely. I have had three lessons with Kathleen Raine and just LOVE what I am learning. I thrilled that Armani is accepting his new training and the level of work as well.
There are amazing bridle paths and hiking trails throughout this community. I took what I thought was a 2 mile loop hike yesterday and ended up hiking more like 6-7miles. While I was tired, it was all good as I so enjoyed the scenery and weather.
That said, today is wet and chilly. However, I am taking Armani on a “hike” today on one of the bridle paths just across the street from the stable. We are hand walking the first time as he can be pretty spooky. Dogs rushing fences and barking etc may cause some drama, but he’ll get over it. So, today, we walk it together. Then hopefully ride it in the near future.
Next week the weather is getting quite a bit warmer so hopefully I can actually wear short sleeves versus a jacket.
There is only one way in and out of the La Cresta community, so it’s easy to forget that I’m only about 15 minutes from a large urban area. Taking Mike to the airport was a wake up call for sure. I am getting a bit used to the traffic and “rampant” commercialism. It was a bit of a culture shock as we got closer to LA when driving here.
There is so much to do for entertainment within an 60-90 minute drive, but for now, I’m enjoying my “little nest”, the beautiful trails and my horse.
More later.

California, Here we Come!

While I usually blog something relating to real estate or the Northern Colorado area, I have decided to share a personal “adventure” instead.

I feel very fortunate to be in La Cresta, CA (near Temecula) until the end of March with my Horse, Armani. We will be training with Kathleen Raine, a two time US Olympic team alternate.

My wonderful husband was my co-pilot and navigator over the last three days driving with the Horse from Longmont, CO to LaCresta, CA.

He found a beautiful VRBO for me to stay in just 2 miles from the stable. I can be at the barn with the Horse almost all day for the next month. This is manna for horse lovers!

This area has lots of hiking and biking trails as well. I have brought my trusty mountain bike for some riding other than Horse riding.

We just arrived yesterday and my husband flew back to CO this morning, I have stocked the fridge, cleaned the car, and now off to the barn to spend time with Armani.

I must add that this is the first long trip with both my Horse and my Ford F-150 eco truck. Both did super well. The truck surprised both Mike and I. We were towing almost 8000 pounds and Billie Jean (the truck] drove like a champ.

More later once I’ve settled in and had my first lesson with Kathleen.

Some photos of where I am staying:

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