Our AZ Trip & Understanding My Buyers

As a REALTOR®, I help people buy and sell homes and property all the time.  I’ve also moved many times. I was in the USAF for 11 years and moved about every 18-24 months, with two overseas moves.  Once Mike and I were married, we moved every two years for the first 8 years of our marriage for our careers.

It’s kind of fun when you’re younger and don’t have a lot of stuff (furniture, cars, pets etc).  That said, the last move we made was a lot of work, even though it was relatively local.  Stuff just seems to multiply, and gets harder and more expensive to move.

We are thinking about a second home for the winter. 

A lot goes into the decision to move, even part time.  Finding a new home is a lot of work – on both sides i.e. for both the REALTOR® and for the Buyer.

As a REALTOR®, I spend a lot of time screening homes for Buyers, especially if they have a short visit, so they can make the most of their time in the area.  I try to understand, to the best of their knowledge, what they are looking for in terms of price range, geographical area, and amenities. Then once the Buyer has narrowed down the list of homes to see during their visit, I set those showings up allowing time for detours and second showings. I also make sure I know and understand the market they are interested in so I can be a source of additional information for the Buyers.

Our Realtor in AZ did the same for us. She pre-viewed properties and helped us narrow down the list based on her knowledge of the areas, the local market, and the properties she already knew.  We hit the ground running after our flight in.  Wow, I was whupped at the end of each day of looking at homes. I know our REALTOR® was too because that’s how I feel when I’m showing with new clients. Besides the physical stamina required to view 8-10 homes a day, I forgot how emotional this can be.  Emotional in many ways – all the what if’s of jobs, changing lifestyle and health, amount to spend, commute time etc.

Of course, we were a typical Buyer. We weren’t sure of the area we wanted to buy in, how much we wanted to spend, or how much acreage we wanted.  Our spectrum of homes to see a second time was all over the map – no two were the same.  This makes it hard for our REALTOR® to know what we want when we don’t really know ourselves.  It also helps me understand my Buyers. It’s such a huge decision for most of us, that you want to make sure it’s as right as possible. This takes time, energy and understanding from both the Realtor and the Buyer.

More in my next blog about this process, and hopefully results.

Andria Allen





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