Bringing Older Americans Back Into the Fold

I don’t know what age you are. But, most of us plan for, and think about retirement from a relatively early age. Most of my friends talk about it as we all move towards what is a traditional retirement age. I, however, do not plan to really retire. While I don’t want to be tied to a 9-5, M-F job, I enjoy working. I enjoy the time with customers, co-workers, the feeling of productivity and accomplishment. I believe being mentally engaged is imperative to a longer and healthier life, and particularly to our mental wellbeing. There are many ways to be involved – volunteer work, taking care of grandchildren etc. I love the article below because it recognizes what older members of our society have to contribute. What a fantastic accumulation of knowledge, wisdom, and experience our seniors have to offer and share. Yes, having time to play is important too. I for one, want the play time to integrated into what I love to do most, whatever that may be, through mentoring, sharing knowledge, etc. The premise of the article is a cultural shift for Americans, but a good one, in my opinion.

Bringing Older Americans Back Into the Fold

Source: The New York Times

Marc Freedman is not here to give advice on how to squirrel away dollars and cents for a leisurely retirement. He doesn’t want to talk about 401(k)’s, I.R.A.s, or stocks and bonds. Instead, he is asking us all to dig deeper — to entirely rethink our latter years.

Mr. Freedman — the president and chief executive officer of, a nonprofit group that aims to tap the skills and experience of people in midlife and beyond to improve communities...Read More


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  1. Why is there some type at the very top and then more under the article title?

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