Why We Need to Hire More Veterans

Veterans Day has just passed last weekend. However, I just found this article and want to share it. Being a veteran myself, I can totally relate to the article. I was an officer in the USAF for 11 years. I believe the culture in all services is similar – depending on the mission and location. For me, two ideas stand out in the article.

One – civilian hiring managers are not familiar with the military rank structure, goals and objectives. So achievement in the military may not be recognized or appreciated by a civilian hiring manager. There is no fault here – just a matter of education as mentioned in the article.

Two – the Admiral is right that other countries can “copy” our weapons systems. But the culture of support, caring, team work, get it done, etc, can’t. This is a culture that is valuable to not only corporate America, but to our communities as well.

A good leader – whether corporate or military, knows how to lead thru compassion, understanding each person, building team work, taking responsibility for the end result, and above all, be willing to do any job he or she is asking someone else to do; To understand that each person plays a part in the final result; To understand that each job has importance to the final result.

I too had some difficulty transitioning to a civilian job after 11 years in the USAF. I figured it out, but some of our veterans need more assistance. Please keep this in mind if you receive a resume from a veteran. Hire us, train us, support us and you’ll have a fantastic, loyal team member.

Andria Allen Capt, USAF


We Need to Hire More Veterans – Here’s Why

Source: LinkedIn

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity through the Navy’s Distinguished Visitors Program to visit the USS John C. Stennis, a 5,500-person aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. (They didn’t disclose the location to me.) I was invited because the Navy wants to showcase its impressive culture and operations to influencers — people who can pass on the message and build the brand of the Navy to everyone from potential recruits to key constituents for the Navy’s interests.

Anyone who grew up watching “Top Gun” has at one point dreamed of being Maverick, so naturally I took the opportunity to board a C-2A “Cod,” get my face rearranged at (what felt like) lightning speed and land aboard what is essentially a floating city.

But I got much more than I bargained for once I got there...Read More


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