The Best Homeowners Insurance

The best homeowners insurance providers have the perfect mix of financial strength, coverage options, and customer service to keep you satisfied no matter where you are in the claims-filing process. Below are our top picks — we encourage you to use our tool to compare multiple rates and find the best fit for you.

If you’re new to home insurance, you might be surprised to learn it’s not just protection for the physical structure of your home, or even everything in it. Homeowners insurance policies also include liability coverage if you’re sued for damages or injuries to someone else — say your dog bites your neighbor or someone slips on your front steps. Between these two coverage types there are tons of options: You can raise or lower the dollar limits, choose how to set the replacement value of your possessions, and add on coverages.If it’s starting to sound like you won’t know where to start, you’re not alone: A 2013 study by Marshall & Swift/Boeckh found that 60 percent of US homes are underinsured. That means the majority of homeowners are at a greater financial risk than they need to be because they don’t know what kind of coverage they should get.To help you understand how to properly insure your home and choose a provider, we vetted financial strength, compared policy types, and evaluated customer satisfaction for the most popular insurance companies. You’ll want to compare quotes between several providers and choose one that offers discounts and coverage for your particular circumstances. Variables like your home’s age and construction, security features you use, animals and recreation on your property, and your personal credit history can all affect which company will offer you the best coverage.

We ranked the nation’s largest providers based on their customer service, coverage, financial strength, discounts, and endorsements. Our three favorites stood out for their exceptional offerings on all levels. Allstate has the best online servicing, with its ample guides and tools that provide invaluable and comprehensive information. It also offers a ton of discounts, with unique price cuts for new customers. Amica earned the highest rating in customer service and in unique savings available for paying online and remaining a loyal customer. State Farm will help you design an extremely detailed online quote and offers discounts for recently renovated homes.

Our Picks for Best Homeowners Insurance Companies

    • Allstate

Best for New Homebuyers

    • Amica

Best Customer Service

    • State Farm

Most Personalized Online Quote

    • Nationwide

Most Endorsements

    • MetLife

Best Replacement Coverage

    • Travelers

Best for Green Homes

    • Safeco

Unique Bundled Deductible

    • Progressive

Best for Boat Owners

    • GEICO

Strongest Financial Outlook


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